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i suck at maintaining a cyber journal. jeez, my composition notebook is flooded with notes and letters and here, once every two months or so i update, if that.

i just got internet access at my house..i'm excited..

well, for all those who actually read this, or for the sake of my own satisfaction, i shall organize my thoughts.

last night:
i quit my job at HUSTLER. i ditched the place on a 10 mintute break and never went back.


then david, mike, adolfo and i all got together at their warehouse where they jam..and met up with four really awesome people.
three girls, with whacked out colored hair and neon rainbow bright clothes and a dude covered in facial piercings. at first it was a little awkward but we drank some beers and it was chill from there after.

we got to talking about a lot of personal david, adolfo, mike and MY decision to turn anti-carniverous....i started getting emotional, as always when i discuss people's choices on eating baby calves...

we also talked about religion..

who are we with out it?
whether it be your spirituality or the one being you look up at..GOD BUDDAH...whoever it may be..all the saints..

oh..lots was a commune.

"let them take what they've been missing."-at the drive in.

i'm bored now.

i think i'll download aim.
i still have thousands upon thousands of things to say right now but i stink.

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boo! i haven't updated in a while..seeing as i am at my apprenticing two hours early, i decided to update.

things have changed.

as they always do.

i work at hustler now..and i also, shockingly, recieved one of the best opportunities apprenticing at my buddy, Leif's tattoo shop to become a piercer. the piercer here is awesome. he's very eager to teach me..which is always nice, i don't want to be a hastle to anyone. but hmmm..things things things people!!!!

things are changing...

as they always do!

my parents are in TN and i live with David..he buys my groceries and toilet paper..
he "flaps his inner butt walls" too.


HUSTLER: is a nifty job but they make me take out my septum piercing, my middle lip ring, and my nose ring..this makes LAUREN MAD.
that's a "no-go" for me and if it keeps up, i'm out.

leif tattooed me more on my forearm. it looks very..colorful and big. (; he's not nearly finished, and if i had it my way, both forearms would be covered by now, with NO traditional work because TRADITIONAL work blows balls, just like you.

learning to pierce is fun. though this is my second day here hahaha..yeah man, i can't even say i'm a piercer yet..or that i have this job because i don't know what the fuck i'm doing. all i know is how to clean the clamps and stretchers, put them in steralized packets...and fill out paper work. boo!!!! it's all good though, no one is born a i have time.

i need to practice piercing on people though, who wants to be my gueine pig? um...i'd like to pierce YOUR come on over to tattoo blues..


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whoa..why have i found myself here? hmm and where have i been for the past 3,4, or 5 months? the world may never know.

enjoy. sorry no cut fuckheads.


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I'll catch you again someday, on the streets of Pittsburgh, PA, then again, maybe not.

Where we can sit and reminisce about our younger years, and how we'd stay in bed all day, when you should've been in class...then...then in the night, the light shown down upon you, made you look like a star, that you were. yeah..then in the night, that light shown down upon you, made you look like the star-that you are.

Day time thoughts on those streets, through winter breezes, freezing gust of winds cutting razor to my ears, those bitter cold days cast your silhouette, angel-like, through the fogged up cafe glass. Reality became a dream.

i'll never forget those days that we had, those nights..those pitch black nights..

The streests are still cold and windy, the 61 C doesn't feel the same. You said lets leave it to fate, so i guess i'll leave it to fate, and wait..and remember those days turned to nights..
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trash into trash equals..
trash flavored trash.

yeah..who got the new blood brothers c.d.

that'd be me!

like a skull shaped balloon, i believe in us.